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2020 Census Questions: Is This Home Owned or Rented?


The 2020 Census will ask a series of questions about you and each person who lives with you. The form will also ask whether your home is owned, rented, or occupied without payment or rent.

To help you choose the best option that applies to your home, we have provided the following descriptions for the response options:

  • Owned by you or someone in this household with a mortgage or loan: Select this response option to describe any house, apartment, or mobile home secured by any type of real estate loan. These liens may be called mortgages, deeds of trust, trust deeds, or contracts to purchase. Owner-occupied units with reverse mortgages, as well as owner-occupied mobile homes with installment loans, are considered owned with a mortgage or loan.
  • Owned by you or someone in this household free and clear without a mortgage or loan: Select this response option to describe owner-occupied properties without any type of real estate loan.
  • Rented: Select this response option to describe units where rent is paid or contracted. Continuing care, sometimes called life care, is a contract between an individual and housing services provider. The contract requires that shelter, usually a house or apartment, and services such as meals or transportation to shopping or recreation, be provided. For these kinds of living arrangements, choose "rented."
  • Occupied without payment of rent: Select this response option if the home or apartment is not owned or being bought by a member of the household and if rent is not paid or contracted. For example, a house or apartment that is provided free to a janitor, caretaker, or superintendent in exchange for services.