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What Census Data Tell Us

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The 2020 Census will provide a snapshot of our nation—our population, where we're living, and so much more.

The results are critically important because census data help businesses, researchers, and policymakers all make decisions. The data could show, for example, that your community needs a new fire department, more funding for school lunches, or more services for single-parent families.

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Statistics About Our Country


​Did you know that Nevada was the fastest-growing state between 2000 and 2010? In that same time, did you know that the overall population of the United States grew 9.7 percent, jumping from 281,421,906 to 308,745,538?

​Of course, the census tells us much more than just the population of your country, state, and community. The census helps collect a wide range of statistics about the makeup of that population, from ages, to races, to how many people own their home.

​In 2010, for example, we learned that there were 20 million children living in the United States who were younger than 5.

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The U.S. Constitution requires that electoral districts be periodically adjusted or redrawn to account for population shifts. Each decade, the census reveals where populations have risen or fallen.

State legislatures or independent bipartisan commissions handle the process of actually redrawing district lines. The U.S. Census Bureau provides population counts to the states so that they can redistrict based on the population shifts.

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Business Decisions


The census also collects data that are valuable for businesses, which rely on census results to help make decisions such as where to open new stores, where to expand operations, and which products and services to sell.


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