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How Are People Counted at RV Parks, Campgrounds, and Other Transitory Locations?

If you are living or staying at a campground, an RV park, a hotel, or another transitory location, the Census Bureau has a special process for how you should respond to the 2020 Census.

An overhead view of dozens of boats parked in a marina.

What Are Transitory Locations?

Transitory locations include campgrounds, RV parks, marinas, hotels, motels, racetracks, circuses, and carnivals.

Each transitory location has multiple units, which can be rooms in a lodging facility or spaces where a tent, boat, recreational vehicle (RV), or other structure may be parked or located. 

For a full listing of transitory location types, please visit Enumeration at Transitory Locations.

How Are People in Transitory Locations Counted?

Census takers will visit each transitory location at a scheduled time between September 3 and September 28, 2020, to conduct interviews with individuals in occupied units using a paper questionnaire.

Transitory Location Managers:

If you are a transitory location manager looking for important information on the process for counting residents at your facility, please visit Enumeration at Transitory Locations.