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How Are People Counted at RV Parks, Campgrounds, and Other Transitory Locations?

If you were living or staying at a campground, an RV park, a hotel, or another transitory location, the Census Bureau had a special process for how you should have responded to the 2020 Census.

An overhead view of dozens of boats parked in a marina.


The Census Bureau is no longer collecting responses to the 2020 Census. This page provided details for specific operations during the count.

What Are Transitory Locations?

Transitory locations include campgrounds, RV parks, marinas, hotels, motels, racetracks, circuses, and carnivals.

Each transitory location has multiple units, which can be rooms in a lodging facility or spaces where a tent, boat, recreational vehicle (RV), or other structure may be parked or located. 

For a full listing of transitory location types, please visit Enumeration at Transitory Locations.

How Are People in Transitory Locations Counted?

Census takers visited each transitory location at a scheduled time between September 3 and September 28, 2020, to conduct interviews with individuals in occupied units using a paper questionnaire.


Transitory Location Managers:

If you are a transitory location manager looking for important information on the process for counting residents at your facility, please visit Enumeration at Transitory Locations.