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Activities and Worksheets for Teaching Children at Home

Discover free and engaging activities that you can use to teach children at home, including videos, maps, and interactive online tools.


Many parents and other adults taking care of children in their homes are looking for ways to continue their learning and keep them engaged. The U.S. Census Bureau can help with our Statistics in Schools (SIS) program, which offers free learning activities and resources for students in pre-K through 12th grade that you can easily use at home. Take advantage of this great opportunity to learn together about your country, state, and local community.

Activites for At-Home Learning

In today’s data-driven world, it’s critical for children to learn how to find, understand, and use data—a skill set sometimes referred to as “statistical literacy.” These are skills parents and caregivers can teach children at home, using free and engaging activities and resources provided by the U.S. Census Bureau’s SIS program. Below, you’ll find perfect resources to keep kids entertained and learning, including videos for all ages, and pre-K materials such as a storybook and a song.

Although originally created for teachers in school, the resources can easily be adapted for home use. You do not need any teaching experience, and our educator guide includes easy-to-follow instructions for each activity.

The SIS website offers more than 200 free activities and resources, including worksheets, videos, maps, and interactive online tools for finding data.

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