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Calls, Visits, and Mail

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Thank you for your participation! A census worker may still visit or contact you by phone to confirm address information, or ask follow-up questions about your responses.

If the Census Bureau could not contact someone about an address, we might have asked their neighbors for assistance. During each census, some homes that appear vacant actually have people living there. Verifying whether a home is vacant helps us count everyone.

Although census takers are no longer visiting households to collect responses to the 2020 Census, some Census Bureau staff are visiting neighborhoods for quality control measures.

Census Bureau workers carry official government badges and should identify themselves immediately when they come to your home. There is useful information on our website to help respondents better understand what census takers ask and don't ask for when they conduct their work. You can also call your local regional office for verification. Find regional offices' phone numbers on our Regional Census Center page.

The U.S. Census Bureau began an in-office review of the nation’s addresses in 2015. We update this list using information from the U.S. Postal Service, tribal, state, and local governments, satellite imagery, and other sources.

Questionnaires postmarked by October 15, 2020, and received by October 22, 2020, will be processed by the Census Bureau and included in the final census count.