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2020 Census Operational Press Briefing (October 21, 2020)


U.S. Census Bureau officials will hold an audio news conference to share updates on 2020 Census operations and next steps. A live media Q&A session will immediately follow the briefing.

*Note: @ 5:55 Al Fontenot said 99.99% but meant to say 99.98%

*Note: @ 11:18 and 11:34, Al Fontenot said 9 million addresses self-responded, when he should have said 6 million addresses self-responded.

*Note: @ 58:10 - Al Fontenot said count imputation has been used since 1990. Actually, the statistical technique of “count imputation” has been used by the Census Bureau since 1960, and some form of “characteristic imputation” (to fill in missing characteristics such as age and race) has been used since 1940.