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Census Bureau Hiring for Independent Survey That Measures Quality of 2020 Census

Post-Enumeration Survey Estimates Number of People and Housing Units Missed in Census

Release Number CB21-CN.12

FEB. 11, 2021 – The U.S. Census Bureau is currently hiring temporary workers to conduct the "person follow-up" phase of the Post-Enumeration Survey (PES) beginning in June.

The PES is an independent survey that helps measure the accuracy of the decennial census by estimating how many people and housing units were missed or erroneously counted in the census, including those counted more than once. During person follow-up, census takers will return to select housing units previously interviewed to confirm our records.

Fieldwork for the PES began in January 2020 with the development of an address list independent of the one used for the 2020 Census. Fieldwork is scheduled to run through November when the field review of housing units is complete. The Census Bureau tentatively plans to release the first results from the PES at the end of December 2021, with more results planned for the end of March 2022.

Part of the hiring process for PES, as well as other Census Bureau surveys and programs, includes using the robust applicant pool from previous 2020 Census operations. To ensure independence in our quality operations, the Census Bureau ensures that census workers who worked in other decennial or PES operations are not assigned cases they had previously worked.

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