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Kentucky Complete Count Task Force

Organizations across the country are supporting the 2020 Census. We'll regularly feature some of them here, looking at who they are and why an accurate census is so important to them.

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The Kentucky Complete Count Task Force includes representatives from the state's largest employers, philanthropic organizations, nonprofits, and universities, as well as state and local government officials.

As part of its outreach, the task force plans to incorporate 2020 Census messaging into two annual events that are cultural institutions in Kentucky: the March Madness college basketball tournament and the Kentucky Derby. 

March Madness begins right around the time census notifications will start to go out in March 2020. And the Kentucky Derby, traditionally held the first Saturday in May, is about the time the Census Bureau starts following up with homes that haven't yet responded to the census.

“We’re very much engaged and want to do better than we did 10 years ago. Back in the 1990's, Kentucky lost a seat because of a loss of population.”

Jon Park, Kentucky Complete Count Task Force 

Learn more about the Kentucky Complete Count Task Force's work with the Census Bureau, and read past spotlights.

Contact the U.S. Census Bureau's Public Information Office for media inquiries or interviews.