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Organizations across the country supported the 2020 Census. We regularly featured some of them here, looking at who they are and why an accurate census is so important to them.


Organization Name: Propel

Headquarters: Brooklyn, New York

About: Propel, the company behind Fresh EBT, is a team of technologists, financial health advocates, and engineers.

Census Bureau Partner Since: 2018

"Our application, Fresh EBT, is the most widely trusted tool for low-income Americans to improve their financial health and access these important government-provided benefits. An inaccurate census, or a census undercount, would impact the daily lives of our users. It would mean less federal funding for the programs many of them depend on to house, feed, and provide for their families — like Medicaid, Section 8 housing assistance, and support for school lunches."

— Molly McGowan, Senior Business Development Manager, Propel

Learn more about Propel's work under's "America Counts" data stories.

Contact the U.S. Census Bureau's Public Information Office for media inquiries or interviews.