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Census Solutions Workshops

Organizations across the country are supporting the 2020 Census. We'll regularly feature some of them here, looking at who they are and why an accurate census is so important to them.


In sessions known as Census Solutions Workshops, national and local leaders team up to identify critical areas of focus for the 2020 Census, and then develop ideas and new partnerships to tackle them. 

Forefront—an Illinois membership association—hosted one such workshop in Chicago alongside the Public Library Association, Voices for Illinois Children, and the Field Foundation.

Census Solutions Workshop participants view and discuss their 2020 Census ideas with sticky notes on a wall.

The group brainstormed how to improve response rates among historically hard-to-count populations in Illinois, including African-American men ages 18-24, mobile millennials, and people experiencing homelessness.

“Each community has its own challenges to a complete count. Bringing a diverse group of leaders together to generate new ideas that are tailored, specifically to the people they serve, leads to impactful solutions."

- Burton Reist, U.S. Census Bureau assistant director for communications

Learn more about organizations participating in Census Solutions Workshops and partnering with the Census Bureau, and read past spotlights.

Contact the U.S. Census Bureau's Public Information Office for media inquiries or interviews.