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Promotional Materials

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Partners play an important role in supporting a complete and accurate count in 2020. To ensure our partners have the tools and resources to effectively engage their communities, the Census Bureau provides training and promotional materials about the 2020 Census. Scroll down for the latest.


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Overview Materials

These resources provide general information about the 2020 Census and partnering with the Census Bureau.


Census Partnerships: 2020 Census at a Glance

Explains the 2020 Census in a clear, concise manner and highlights key milestones relating to the upcoming census.

Partnership Fact Sheet

Outlines how partnering with the 2020 Census will benefit your organization, plus other key information.

Partnerships at a Glance

Provides an overview of becoming a 2020 Census partner.

Confidentiality Materials

Explains that Census responses are safe and confidential.

How the 2020 Census Will Invite Everyone to Respond

Explains the three ways individuals can respond to the 2020 Census.

Census 101: What You Need to Know

Offers a refresher of the 2020 Census and why it is important.

General FAQ

Provides answers to frequently asked questions about the 2020 Census.

Supporting Self-Response in the 2020 Census

Explains how partners can help people respond to the 2020 Census.

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Guides and Toolkits

These resources provide details about specific aspects of partnership, including recruiting census takers, signifying your partnership on social media, and using the 2020 Census logo.


2020 Census Recruitment Toolkit

Provides resources to help raise awareness of 2020 Census job opportunities.

2020 Census Complete Count Committee Guide

Explains what Complete Count Committees are and how to join.

Community Outreach Toolkit

A quickstart guide to tailoring census outreach efforts for the people you serve

Customizable Social Media Content and Graphics

Share your partnership with the 2020 Census. These sample messages can be tailored for your audience.

2020 Census Web Badges

Show your support of the 2020 Census on your website.

2020 Census Promotional Materials and Guidelines

Provides guidance on using the 2020 Census logo and tagline.

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Materials for Specific Groups

Different partners have different audiences. These resources are tailored to help you communicate with your specific audience members.


Partnership Fact Sheet for Community Organizations

Outlines how partnering with the 2020 Census will benefit your community organization.

Partnership Fact Sheet for Businesses

Explains how partnering with the 2020 Census will benefit your business.

Why Your Company Should Become a 2020 Census Official Partner

Provides more information on partnerships and why your company should become a partner.

Why Your Foundation Should Become a 2020 Census Official Partner

Provides more details about partnerships and why your foundation should become a partner.

Complete Count Committee Messaging

Outlines short messages that State Complete Count Commissions and Complete Count Committees can encourage partners to use on bills, receipts, and more.

Information for Black/African American Audiences

Explains how the 2020 Census impacts the Black/African American community.

Materials for Rural Audiences

Explains the importance of the 2020 Census and how it can inform decisions on healthcare benefits and infrastructure in rural communities.

Higher Education Materials

Explains how college students can participate in the 2020 Census.

Rental Audience Materials

Explains the importance of renters’ participation in the 2020 Census.

Materials for Young Children

Highlights the importance of counting young children in the 2020 Census.

Materials for Hospitals and Clinics

Highlights how 2020 Census data informs decisions that can impact community hospitals, clinics, and healthcare assistance programs.

Materials for Educators

Highlights how 2020 Census data can help improve schools through educational programs, after-school activities, and more.

American Indian and Alaska Native Information

Explains the 2020 Census, why it is important, and answers FAQs for AIAN tribes and communities.

Information for Immigrant/Foreign Born Audiences

Explains the 2020 Census, why it is important to immigrants and foreign-born communities, and how responses are kept safe.

Materials for LGBTQ+ Audiences

Materials highlighting the 2020 Census relationship question and benefits of the 2020 Census for the LGBTQ+ community.

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2020 Census Stakeholder Webinar Recording

This July 2019 webinar includes important 2020 Census updates and resources needed to promote a complete and accurate count in your community.

Press Kit: 2020 Census

Provides the latest news and resources.

2020 Census Fact Sheets

A collection of all 2020 Census related fact sheets.

2020 Census Infographics and Visualizations

2020 Census graphics you can share.

Census Bureau YouTube Channel

A collection of 2020 Census videos

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